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Never before have we lived in a world gone so off-balance.


I believe it’s because our Nervous Systems are hijacked through all the distractions and stimulations that modern life has to offer.

The solution?

Come back to your senses through understanding your body, mind, and heart. Come back to what it means to be authentically human, in its best edition.

My intention is to post weekly inspirational letters with practical tips on how to regulate the Nervous System, stay grounded, open, and connected. Some of it will be practical, some informational (I do geek out on Neuroscience occasionally), some of it humorous, and some contemplative and philosophical. All of it will be an exploration of how we can co-create an authentic human reality together.

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About Me

I am an artist and writer but work mainly as an Embodiment Coach. You can check out my website here: kasiapatzelt.com.

I’ve spent 17 years and counting trying to make sense of why it’s so hard to simply be happy and what it means to be human. Massage therapy, Breathwork and Trauma Release, Vipassana Meditation, Psychedelics, and Circlework have all contributed to my perspective that I look forward to sharing with you.

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Be part of a community of people who like you realize there is more to being human and that there is a need to collectively regulate our Nervous System out of the global fight and flight responses ravaging like wildfires through communities, into more compassion, kindness, creativity, connection, and joy.

Yep, this is a joint effort. And you are not alone. Let’s get down to body!

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